Efficiency of the Implementation of Innovation and Investment Projects at Healthcare Institutions: Integral Analysis and Ways of Enhancement





innovative and investment activity, design of innovative projects, medical service institutions, efficiency, integral assessment, resource and functional components


Introduction. Improving the quality of medical services and raising the effectiveness of the operation of the subjects of the medical system of Ukraine requires intensifying innovation, which needs significant investments. So, the application of qualitative methods for analyzing the efficiency of such projects is of great importance.
Problem Statement. Scholarly research and methodological framework and practical recommendations deal with the identification of problem areas and aspects of the implementation of innovation and investment projects at healthcare institutions in Ukraine.
Purpose. The purpose is to comprehensively analyze and to identify the problematic aspects of the implementation of innovation and investment projects by healthcare institutions and to determine the measures to address them as well as to increase the effectiveness of the innovation.

Material and Methods. In the course of the study, the method of economic and mathematical modeling has been used to perform a composite analysis (using the weighted average method) of the effectiveness of the implementation of innovation and investment projects by the example of healthcare institutions.
Results. It has been established that the efficiency of the implementation of innovation and investment projects at healthcare institutions of Ukraine is satisfactory, but such components as the financial and economic sustainability of the project and the quality of intellectual and personnel support, especially the structure of investments and their profitability, staff turnover and the level of professional qualification of medical personnel remain problematic. Financial and economic stability and investment and
marketing development remain the most problematic components of the efficiency.
Conclusions. One of the key signs of the efficiency of investment and innovation projects in medicine is their systematic manner that involves a combination of measures to activate and develop investment and innovation in the organizational and institutional (1), the economic (2), the product and service (3), the social and psychological (4) components.


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