About the Journal

The Scientific and Practical Journal “Science and Innovation” of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was established in 2005 by the Resolution of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine No. 7 from 12.01.2005.

Media identifier R30-01478

From January 2014 to December 2020, the journal was published in two parallel issues: Ukrainian version – “Science and Innovation” (ISSN 1815-2066 (print), ISSN 2413-497X (online), and English version – “Science and innovation” (ISSN 2409-9066 (print) ISSN 2413-4996 (online).

From January 2021, the journal is published in English as “Science and Innovation” (ISSN 2409-9066 (print) ISSN 2413-4996 (online).

The Editorial Board of the journal “Science and Innovation” is guided in its work by the international ethical rules of scientific publications and adheres to the policy of open access. All articles submitted to the Editorial Board must be peer reviewed and checked for plagiarism. The journal provides users with guarantees in accordance with these obligations.

The journal “Science and Innovation” is included in the List of Professional Publications of Ukraine (category “A”) in technical and economic fields of science.

In 2017, the English version of the journal (ISSN 2409-9066) was included in the scientometric database Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index, ESCI).

From July 2019, the journal “Science and Innovation” (ISSN 2409-9066) has been included in the Scopus database.

The journal is published 6 times a year.

Language of publication: English

Founder: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Publisher: Publishing House “Akademperiodyka”

Editor-in-Chief – Academician of the NAS of Semynozhenko Volodymyr Petrovych

Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board –  Yatskiv Tetyana Mykhaylivna


The publication’s focus is on the problems of innovation policy in Ukraine, the results of prospective research and developments of the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, universities and other organizations, as well as the issues of commercialization of research projects and their implementation in various industries and production. The journal publishes original works in various fields of science and technology, which are important for ensuring the innovative development of Ukraine; review materials devoted to information support of innovation activity and coverage of activity of innovation structures.

Journal topics

  • General Questions on Modern Scientific, Technical and Innovation Policy (legal, methodological and economic aspects of innovation policy, discussion material).
  • Scientific and Technical Innovation Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (results of prospective research and developments of the institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine).
  • Scientific Basis of Innovation (results of prospective research and developments from different areas of sciences and technology: instrumentation; telecommunications, communication and navigation; nanotechnology and functional materials; transportation and construction technologies; agricultural technology; environmental technology and biotechnology; energy and resource conservation).
  • Legal Protection of Intellectual Property (issues of creation, protection and use of objects of intellectual property law in the sphere of science, developments and innovations; current issues of legal and practical aspects of protection of intellectual property rights in the academic sphere directly related to the activities of scientific institutions and scientists).
  • The World of Innovation (know-how and technology transfer, innovative structures, science and innovation news).