video systems, real-time systems, mobile systems, intelligent video cameras


Introduction. Today, in Ukraine there is no centralized scalable system for collecting and processing video data,
which would allow controlling the roadway and roadside environment.
Problem Statement. Video surveillance systems, as a rule, use stationary cameras. Since there are many cameras employed in this kind of systems, there are problems related to transferring information (creating and maintaining a data network) and processing (creating datacenters for processing and storing received data).
Purpose. The purpose of this research is to create a video collection system for control of a roadway and roadside environment, as well as an environment into the municipal transport to help detect crimes committed in the
surveillance zones.
Material and Methods. In this research, there has been used a smartphone and a camera for testing the functions and algorithms of our proposed system. To reduce the size of data to be processed, we have used the methods
for the selective perception of video information, the detection of moving objects, the parallel and conveyor processing of video information to accelerate its processing, as well as the methods and means of rapid release of informative patterns for searching and recognizing objects.
Results. The concept and structure of the hardware and software of the mobile video surveillance system have
been developed, the system has been protected by the patent of Ukraine for a utility model; a new type camera for
shooting and analyzing video data has been designed and created (in cooperation with a partner); the software
components of the system for the automatic detection of license plates and their recognition and the automatic
detection of people without a masks inside a public transport for the further data analysis have been developed.
Conclusions. Using mobile systems of this type allows expanding video surveillance zone in cities and outsides
and reducing costs of road video surveillance systems.


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