Studying the Factors that Influence the Innovation and Investment Development of Agricultural Enterprises by the Expert Survey Method




innovation and investment development, agricultural enterprises, innovation environment, factors influencing innovation and investment development, expert method, level of innovation support of agricultural enterprises


Introduction. It is known that the factors influencing the organization of innovation and investment activities of agricultural enterprises may be related to the macroeconomic processes in the country and the microeconomic
environment of the enterprise as well as may have an internal nature. The study of a complex of factors allows us to identify the most significant of them and to neutralize their adverse effect in a timely manner.
Problem Statement. The action of these factors ultimately causes an increase in uncertainty and risk in the process of innovation, so the study of their nature and the search for ways to counteract their adverse effect on innovation and investment is extremely relevant.
Purpose. The purpose of this research is to study, to analyze, to verify, and to evaluate the R&D level of the studied objects and to prepare sound conclusions for making decisions on such objects.
Materials and Methods. The formalized rational forecasting methods (trend extrapolation, modeling, etc.) are based on a sufficiently developed retrospective information base. In order to maintain the objectivity of the study of the effect of the macroeconomic factors on the organization of innovation and investment activities, we have chosen the expert survey method.
Results. One of the most influential factors, according to the experts, is the corruption in the government and the judiciary, the second one is the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The most influential marketing factors that negatively affect the investment and innovation are unpredictability of the future prices for agricultural products and the monopolization of markets and the control of power by oligarchs.

Conclusions. The expert interview results have shown that in order to intensify improving the investment climate and developing innovation the government shall takes the following measures: rebooting the judiciary, separating the political sphere and the business interests of oligarchs, and effectively combatting corruption.


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