Improving the Performance Characteristics of Synthetic Diamonds for High-Precision Diamond Dressing Tool




Key words: precision dresser tool, synthetic diamond grinding powders, synthetic diamond surface defect, growth synthesis systems, sorting, improvement of synthetic diamond performance, import substitution.


Introduction. Ukrainian machine-building enterprises, especially engine- and aircraft-building, need a precision diamond dressing tool. For its effective operation, it is necessary to use high-quality synthetic diamond powders
with controllable strength and heat resistance, as well as geometric grain size.
Problem Statement. Synthetic diamonds are synthesized in different growth systems, so they differ significantly in the presence of intracrystalline impurities and inclusions, and hence have different properties.
Purpose. To study the possibilities of improving the physical and mechanical properties of diamond grinding powders by effective sorting out by grain surface defects.
Materials and Methods. The physical and mechanical properties of AS65—AS250 diamond powders: strength under static compression, coefficient of uniformity in terms of strength, heat resistance and specific magnetic susceptibility have been determined. The elemental composition of impurities and inclusions in powders has been established by the X-ray fluorescence integrated analysis, with the use of BS-340 scanning electron microscope and Link-860 energy-dispersive X-ray spectrum analyzer.
Results. It has been shown that the separation of diamonds in a magnetic field of different intensity contributes to the production of grinding powders that differ in the content of impurities and inclusions and therefore, different physical and mechanical properties. In general, the fewer impurities and inclusions the diamond crystals of all systems contain, the higher is their strength. To achieve this, the diamond grinding powders have been sorted out in a special way. For this purpose, the method of adhesive-magnetic sorting of diamond grinding powders has been improved: the surface treatment of grinding powder grains is provided by depositing electrically conductive
fine particles and their adhesive fixing on the surface of diamond grains to obtain the required electrical properties.
Conclusion. The use of the improved diamond grinding powders in the tool allows increasing the efficiency of the diamond dressing tool. 


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Lavrinenko В. І., Ilnitskaya Г. Д., Sheiko М. М., Dobroskok В. Л., Ostroverh Є. В., & Solod В. Ю. (2021). Improving the Performance Characteristics of Synthetic Diamonds for High-Precision Diamond Dressing Tool . Science and Innovation, 17(6), 72–82.



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