Assessment of the Financial Security Level of Ukraine




financial security, monetary system, banking system, budget, external debt, banks, national economy


Introduction. In the context of the development of globalization processes and the integration of the national economy into the global financial space, the issue of forming the financial security of Ukraine becomes increasingly important. It affects and links together all sectors of the national economy, business entities, society, politics, finance, etc.
Problem Statement. At the present stage of Ukraine's economic development, one of the primary task of government policy is to ensure the financial security of the state, after all, its ensuring aims at overcoming the economic crisis and improving the well-being of Ukrainian citizens.
Purpose. The assessment of the financial, monetary, and banking systems of Ukraine as well as the development of practically significant proposals are necessary for ensuring the financial security of Ukraine.
Materials and Methods. The analytical material is the data of the National Bank of Ukraine, which have been studied by economic and mathematical methods, statistical and indicative analysis.
Results. It has been determined that the state budget imbalance is the main destabilizing factor of the crisis in public finance. The dynamics of the number of banks in Ukraine have been studied: despite a decrease in the number of banks with foreign capital, their share in recent years has increased significantly, which hinders the
effective development of the banking system of Ukraine. A significant underestimation of the domestic currency and large-scale devaluations in the previous years created unfavorable conditions for Ukrainian exporters, which resulted in a foreign trade balance deficit, an outflow of foreign currency and, accordingly, a decrease in the
foreign exchange reserves.
Conclusions. The financial security strategy should determine the prospects for ensuring the stability of the financial, monetary, and banking systems and the development of the national economy. The implementation of financial, currency, credit measures, the adoption of amendments to the legislative framework, and the development of a financial security strategy for Ukraine become increasingly important, given the problems that exacerbate the financial security of Ukraine.


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Author Biographies

O. KALINICHENKO , Poltava State Agrarian University

Kalinichenko Oleksandr Volodymyrovych,

Economics and International Economic Relations Chair,

Poltava State Agrarian Academy,

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,



V. LESYUK, Poltava State Agrarian University

Lesyuk Vladyslav Stanislavovych,

Graduate student,

Poltava State Agrarian Academy,




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