Monitoring the Activities of Industrial Enterprises in the Context of Innovation-Driven Development of Ukraine




state regulation, industrial enterprises, innovative products, innovation costs, sales volumes, innovation activity, financing


Introduction. The main condition for the intensification of innovation in Ukraine is the regulatory framework that should ensure the regulation of all mechanisms for the implementation of the innovation process. The manufacture and sale of products created with the use of advanced technologies increase the efficiency of enterprises and their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.
Problem Statement. The adoption of regulations has not significantly affected the innovation-driven development of Ukraine’s economy, as indicated by the economic performance of industrial enterprises. Therefore, the issue of enhancing the innovation activities in changing economic conditions requires constant thorough research.
Purpose. The purpose of this research is to study the status of innovation activities of industrial enterprises in Ukraine and to determine the prospects for their further development.
Materials and Methods. Regulatory and legal documents on the innovation activities, statistical data on the number of actively innovating industrial enterprises, the number of new types of innovation products introduced and the scope of their implementation, costs of innovation and sources of innovation financing in Ukraine for the period 2010—2019 have been used to analyze the activities of enterprises.
Results. The status of innovation activities of industrial enterprises has been assessed and the main prospects for their further development have been determined. Most of the goods manufactured and services provided do not meet the modern requirements of consumers, which slows down the dynamics of production and sales. The implementation of program measures in the form of legislative acts regarding tax levers and the creation of an attractive investment climate, innovation infrastructure, and financial support will raise the competitiveness of Ukrainian industrial enterprises.

Conclusions. The use of outdated technologies inhibits the innovation upgrade of the production base of industrial enterprises, the enhancement of the production of modern products and sales revenues. The directions of innovation-driven development, as declared in the regulatory acts, shall be based on tax levers, innovation infrastructure, and financial support.


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