About the Journal

Scientific and Practical Journal of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Founded in 2005, Resolution of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine № 7
from 12.01.2005.
The journal is included to the List of professional editions of Ukraine (category "A"), technical and economic branches of science.
The Editorial Board of the journal «Science and Innovation» is guided in its work by international ethics of scientific publications and maintains a policy of open access. All articles submitted to the Editorial Board, on a mandatory basis are reviewed and checked for plagiarism. The journal provides all users with a guarantees in accordance with specified obligations.
Publication of materials is free of charge
Published 6 times a year
State registration certificate of print media: КВ 20704-10504ПР  from 18.04.14

ISSN 2409-9066 (print)
ISSN 2413-4996 (online)

Journal Languages: English

Founder: The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Publisher: Publishing House "Akademperiodyka"

Editor-in-chief: Boris Ye. Paton, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine
Executive Secretary: Tatyana M. Yatskiv

Article problems:
    • original and review articles in various areas of science and technology that are important for innovation development of Ukraine;
    • information provision of innovation activities;
    • coverage of innovative structures activity.


Journal Topics:
    • General Questions on Modern Scientific, Technical and Innovation Policy
          - legal and methodological foundations
          - economic aspects
          - discussion forum
    • Scientific and Technical Innovation Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
    • The Scientific Basis of Innovation
          - instrumentation
          - telecommunications and navigation
          - nanotechnology and functional materials
          - transportation and construction technologies
          - agriculture and agricultural technology
          - environmental technology and biotechnology
          - energy and resource saving
    • Legal Protection of Intellectual Property
    • The World of Innovation
          - know-how and technology transfer
          - innovative structures
          - in terms of numbers
          - ongoing information in science and innovation field

Editorial address:  3 Tereschenkivska st., room 57, Kyiv, Ukraine
Mailing Adress: NAS Presidium, 54 Volodymyrsja str, Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine
E-mail: innovation@nas.gov.ua
Теl.: (044) 288-03-46, (050) 154-77-83