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1Dmytrenko VV Agreements on Administration of Titles to Knowhow. 2019 ;15(3):62-75.
1Pyatchanina TV, 1Ogorodnik AM, 2Vasilyev OV, 1Mazur MG Analysis of Patent Activity in R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of the NAS of Ukraine. 2019 ;15(3):53-61.
1Zakharov Yu.I 6048-6677, 1Sankov PM 0898-7992, 2Trifonov IV, 1Tkach NO, 1Toshyna LO The Content and Specific Features of Reconstructing the Residential Houses of Various Configurations. 2019 ;15(3):79-90.
1Prokopenko GI, 1Mordyuk BM, 2Krasovsky TA, 3Knish VV, 3Solovey SO. Creation of Industrial Equipment for High Frequency Mechanical Impact on Railway Car Building Products and Methods for Assessing the Quality of Treatment. 2019 ;15(2):25-37.
1Demishev AG. "CRYO F-PHP" Automated Cryogenic Installation for Certifying the Characteristics of Optical Filters and Photodetectors. 2019 ;15(2):5-14.
1Soloviev SO, 1Kyriienko PI, 1Popovych NO, 1Larina OV. Development of Catalysts for Abating Toxic Nitrogen Oxides in Gas Emissions of Nitrogen Acid Production. 2019 ;15(1):59-71.
1Kuchuk-Yatsenko SI, 1Havrysh VS, 1Rudenko PM, 1Nakonechny AO, 1Shevchuk SA, 1Zavertanny MS. Development of Resistance Butt Welding Technology and Prototype Equipment for Joining Carbide Bar Chain Ripper Teeth of VK-8 Material. 2019 ;15(1):72-81.
1Lavrich Yu.M, 1Netak BB, 1Plaksin SV, 1Pyaskovsky DV. The Features of the National School of Radar Space Control Systems. 2019 ;15(2):74-82.
1Poliakova OYu., 1Shlykova VO, 1Buntov IYu. Forecast of Biotechnology Trends in the World and in Ukraine Based on Analysis of Publications and Patents. 2019 ;15(1):27-45.
1Hranchak TYu. Games Technology as Innovative Tool for Forming a Library and Information Environment of Knowledge Management. 2019 ;15(2):83-93.