Patent Information Search as Modern Tool of Research in the Field of Medical and Biological Sciences

TitlePatent Information Search as Modern Tool of Research in the Field of Medical and Biological Sciences
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsPyatchanina, TV, Ogorodnik, AM, Vasilyev, OV, Choch, VV
Short TitleSci. innov.
SectionResearch and Engineering Innovative Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Introduction. Today, progress and competitiveness in the field of biomedical sciences is achieved through the development of innovative biological, medical, and pharmaceutical high-tech technologies and R&D developments, resulting from the implementation of R&D projects.
Problem Statement. Patent information retrieval is an integral part of research, development, and introduction of new products. The patent information retrieval allows determining the scientific and technical level of developments in the medical and biological sphere and predicting the trends of their development. However, in scholarly research literature today there is no systematic information on the features of monitoring intellectual property in medicine and biology, as part of the formation of the scientific and innovation strategy of the institution.
Purpose. Analysis of patent and information databases to determine the most relevant for the implementation of an effective strategy for patent research in the field of biomedical sciences.
Materials and Methods. The sources of information and scientific communication — scholarly research articles, periodicals, Internet resources, patent databases, and regulatory documents. The methodological basis of the research is the methods of structural-logical and comparative content analysis of international and domestic patent databases and a synthesis of the results of the analysis.
Results. The specificity of the use of national and international databases lies in the specialization of their search capabilities and in the completeness of the provision of subject information in each branch of science. When conducting a patent information search in the field of biomedical sciences, it is advisable to use a search in patent and R&D databases. This gives the opportunity to get complete information about the novelty of the object of economic activity, promising commercial solutions in medicine and biology.
Conclusions. Patent and information databases have been analyzed to determine the most relevant documents corresponding to the search query for conducting patent information research in the field of biomedical sciences in R&D institutes and higher educational establishments.
Keywordsbiomedical sciences, database, higher educational establishment, patent information search, R&D development, R&D institute