Method of Information and Timing Support of Global, Local Socio-Political and other Processes in the Contemporary Security Environment

1Bohdanovych, VYu.
2Syrotenko, АM
3Pievtsov, HV
4Dovhan, OD
1Dublian, OV
1Central Research Institute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
2National Defence University of Ukraine
3Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National Air Force University
4Scientific research Institute of informatics and law of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine
Sci. innov. 2020, 16(2):94-99
Section: The World of Innovations
Language: English
Introduction. The information monitoring technologies in the security environment (SE), which are currently implemented in practical activity of the security and defense sector, are capable of detecting only hazards, threats, and some other destructive phenomena and factors that make it difficult to implement preventive measures to respond to the forecasted changes in SE.
Problem Statement. It is also very important to monitor the global and local processes, strategies of the leading states, trends in the development of the situation in certain regions in order to timely identify the threats, to assess their character, level, scale, and to forecast their dynamics and risks for defining areas of national security in the case of its implementation.
Purpose. The development of the method for information and timing support of global, local socio-political, and other processes in the contemporary security environment.
Materials and Methods. The method of information and timing support of global, local, and other processes (hereinafter referred to as “the Method”) uses a set of analytical, logical, and other procedures with information obtained during the SE evaluation regarding destructive phenomena, events, threats, and conditions under which the national interests are realized within given time.
Results. The established procedures provide the comparison of the facts and events detected during the monitoring of SE, with global and local processes taken into account, which enables identifying the geopolitical and other interests and intentions of other states, determining measures for information deception, information cover, various kinds of manipulations and psychological effect, and making managerial decisions in the system of ensuring national security on a timely basis.
Conclusions. The proposed method enables raising the efficiency of the implementation of the national interests, as it improves the information and analytical maintenance of the system of national security assurance. In particular, it makes it possible to identify the links between the active and covert actions of individual centers of power, neighboring states and competitors, and to provide sound recommendations on responses, in order to reduce risks in the key areas of national security to the military and political leadership of the state.
Keywords: global processes, information and timing support, local processes, national security, security environment, threat