Mobile Housing for Recreational use in Post-industrial Prydniprovia

1Mironenko, VP
2Tsymbalova, TA
1Kharkiv National University of Сonstruction and Architecture
2Prydniprovska State Academy of Construction and Architecture
Sci. innov. 2019, 15(1):92-99
Section: The World of Innovations
Language: English
Introduction. In the post-industrial period of the society development, under the conditions of economic globalization and a high social mobility, the use of mobile housing is a relevant and promising direction.
Problem Statement. In the socio-economic conditions of modern Ukraine, the practical and advantageous mobile residential technologies have great prospects for the development, especially through organizing recreational and tourist activities.
Purpose. To study the opportunities for using recreational and tourist mobile housing in the the existing natural-landscape fund of the post-industrial Prydniprovia.
Materials and Methods. An integrated methodological approach, general scientific and applied methods, including, bibliographic and comparative historical methods (archived local historical heritage, modern scholarly research publications and regulatory documentation), field surveys and photographing, experimental modeling.
Results. In the natural-landscape zone of post-industrial Prydniprovia region, there are many lands disturbed by man-induced load. However, in the case of its termination or significant reduction, the ecological state of the environment can be optimized. Design solutions for the organization of temporary mobile housing for recreation in the structure of potential natural-landscape fund of the region have been offered.
Conclusions. The use of recreational and tourist mobile housing in safe green landscapes seems to be an expedient and promising functional typological direction, because the organization of recreational housing in the mobile form is based on an environment friendly approach that aims at maximally reducing the man-induced load and preserving the natural environment.
Keywords: complex natural-landscape zone of post-industrial Prydniprovia, mobile organization of recreational and tourist activities, recreational and tourist mobile housing