1Zharkov, IP, 2Safronov, VV, 2Palamarchuk, SP, 2Pylypchuk, OS, 2Solonetskiy, AG, 2Khodunov, VO
1Institute of Physics, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
2Institute of Physics, the NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Sci. innov. 2016, 12(3):29-34
Section: Scientific Framework of the Innovation Activity
Language: English
Complex cryogenic equipment based on temperature-controlled helium cryostat with a superconducting embedded solenoid for studying the galvanic and magnetic phenomena in 2D systems has been designed. It ensures the temperature control of studied sample within the ranges of 1.6-4.2; 4.2-80; and 80-300 К and the temperature stability in the magnetic field of up to 7.84 T with an accuracy of 0.1 K, at most.
Keywords: cryogenic system, helium, superconductive solenoid, temperature control, temperature stability
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