1Shelyagin, VD, 1Lukashenko, AG, 1Khaskin, VYu., 1Lukashenko, DA, 1Lukashenko, VA
1Ye.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of NASU, Kyiv
Sci. innov. 2014, 10(5):31-35
Section: Research and Technical Innovative Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Language: English

Equipment for laser welding complex, which can apply to machine-building, aerospace, shipbuilding, and automobile industries, has been designed and manufactured on the basis of technique for automated laser welding of flat tubes made of copper-nickel alloys. A method for controlling the integrity of welded flat tubes has been developed. It implies the pressure tests and the search of defective sections by laser interferometry technique in automated mode. A specialized welding head has been designed and manufactured for industrial application of laser welding technique.

Keywords: copper-nickel alloys, laser welding, marine heat exchangers, pulse-modulated radiation, slitting compounds

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